Dane Roach

Dane Roach has been a powerlifting coach for nearly 6 years. His previous experience as a college athlete and a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level led him to compete in USA Powerlifting and soon after beginning to coach powerlifters. Dane is a USA Powerlifting Senior National Coach and is also a National Referee. With experience at all levels of powerlifting, from IPF worlds to the local level, Dane is able to help lifters of all levels reach their goals. Dane is also a highly skilled gameday coach, specializing in attempt selection and strategy, and has helped numerous lifters to personal bests, championships, and 9/9 performances.



Master of Science in Exercise Science- Oakland University 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science and Psychology- Hope College 2013



USA Powerlifting Senior National Coach 

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Coaching Achievements

Dane has coached many successful lifters, including:

  • Silver medalist in 84kg Junior Division at 2018 IPF Classic Worlds

  • 2019 open 84kg 4th place finisher and 84kg Jr 3rd place finisher at USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals

  • 2019 Teen 2 74kg 5th place finisher at USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals

  • 2017 & 2018 USA Powerlifting 72kg Jr National Champion, 2018 5th place finisher in 72kg open

  • USA Powerlifting 2018 74kg Teen 1 National Champion

  • 84kg Gold Medalist and Best Overall Lifter at A7 Pro Raw Challenge 2020

  • Arnold Sports Festival Pro Raw Challenge Silver Medalist

  • Assistant Coach for MIdland University’ Raw Men’s and Women’s 2019 Collegiate National Championship teams

  • 11 lifters qualified for the USA Powerlifting Raw National Championships

  • 5 USA Powerlifting Michigan State Champions

  • 8 Top three finishers In USA Powerlifting State Championships

  • 2019 USA Powerlifting Teen 1 74kg Ohio State Champion

  • 2017 AWPC 75kg World Champion

Contact me

Email- Danetraincoaching@gmail.com

Intsagram- @Droachocinco2


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